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How We Increased the Volume of Medicare Leads by 87% while lowering the CPA by 38% on Google Ads

The client
One of the leading Medicare Supplement insurance agencies in the United States.
The challenge
Get more Medicare insurance leads at a better Cost-per-acquisition using Google Ads.
What was done
Historical data analyses
- Google ads performance review;
- Insights and data gathering on a keywords, search terms, targeting and other levels;
- Collect targeting hypothesis.
Technical part
We wanted to know what keywords led to a sale and what wasted ad budget. To accomplish that, we've decided to store {keyword} parameter in the client's CRM.
Strategy and campaigns set up
After we've finished with the tech stack, we've enrolled the new hypothesis.
On-going optimization
Budget allocation, search terms and audience review, ad experiments, and other.
What was different in campaign settings
Auto-bidding: After conversion tracking was in place, we leveraged Google's algorithms for rapid data collection and customer acquisition.

Broad match: Using the Broad match may require reviewing search terms more often and even daily at times. But after the necessary work is done and the strategy got enough conversion, the results wouldn't leave you waiting.

Ad schedule: After analyzing the historic data, we realized that the cost of traffic during office hours and off-hours differ a lot. So instead of running exclusively during the on-hours, we've decided to switch the ad schedule to 24/6.

Ad relevancy: We've collected customer persona insights, main pain points, and triggering events to address them in our communication.
Purchase intent during the first hours after submitting a lead form and later may change. You need to think strategically about how to approach people who might already sign-up more than one application, use automated follow-ups, and contact the lead as fast as you can after you get their contact information.
And the results?

After 30 days, the conversion volume grew by 86.79%, while lead CPA decreased by 38.37%.
The results of scaling Facebook Ads account

What our client said
"Nikita and his team are excellent to work with, very talented, and very responsive!"
— Alex Wender | Founder at Bluewaveinsurance.com
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