How we increased the CTR for an insurance agency by 55% and stood out from the competitors
By Mykyta Soima, Co-founder of
June, 2021
The client
An insurance agency that sells its services to French-speaking Canadian residents
The challenge
Due to a rather narrow target audience, limited by language and geo, it was important for us to stand out among competitors and get as many clicks as possible from the prospecting customers.
What was done
A competitive analysis
We've conducted a search terms review on Google, collected insights about what ads and for what search queries competitors are using. This gave an understanding of how we should communicate in order for a potential client to give preference to our website.
Campaign structure
We paid great attention to ensuring that the ad copy (first of all, the first headline) was as relevant as possible to the keywords that we use in the ad group. Some keywords had to be taken out separately, ads were corrected, and the list of negative keywords had to be expanded in order to increase the "Ad relevance" metric.
Using an Image Extension
Also we decided to use something that competitors did not use at all - Image extension. At that time, this extension was shown only on mobile devices and only if the ad was in the first position. Images in the search results attract the users' attention, provide more information about the product, and have a positive effect on the interaction rate. In order to use this extension, an account must be open for more than 90 days, one must have a good history of policy compliance and active Search campaigns.

An example of our new ad

And the results?

Our hypothesis with the Image extension was confirmed and the engagement rate increased even more than we've predicted. You can also see the CTR (Click-through rate) of other types of extensions in this ad campaign compared to the new Image Extension:

Sitelinks - 9%
Callout - 9%
Structured snippet - 4%
Image extension - 13%

As a result, the total CTR increased by 55%

Our results after the implementation of the new strategy
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