Scaling Facebook Ads account from 0 to 100+ conversions in a month

By Mykyta Soima, Co-founder of
June, 2021

The client

One of the largest online stores in the US that sells unique face masks for children

The challenge

Scale ad campaigns and increase the number of sales as soon as possible

What was done

Assessment of the current situation
- A technical audit (Facebook Pixel, Conversions API, events tracking)
- Audit of previous campaigns to find insights and what was done before
Technical part
Formed a technical specification for developers on the client side to correct errors with data transfer, which were found during the audit. This allowed us to get correct data, enhance bidding algorithms, and work with the ads more accurately.
Strategy and campaigns set up
The strategy was built based on three stages of the sales funnel (TOFU, MOFU and BOFU)
On-going optimization
After the initial setup was finished, data collection issues were solved, and we started getting accurate performance metrics, we proceeded with proper budget allocation, audience review, ad experiments, and other.

How the funnel was built?

How our lead generation funnel looks like
Top Of The Funnel: We used demographics, interests, and lookalikes (purchase, add to cart, product view) as the targeting settings. At this stage, we introduced users to the brand with a broad message (mainly video) and talked about the product. We also used a prospecting campaign for catalog sales with a broad audience.

Middle Of The Funnel: The key difference here was that we targeted users who were familiar with the brand in one way or another. We created audiences based on interactions from the client's Facebook and Instagram pages, people who watched at least 25% of a video ad, and site visitors. Additionally, the audiences were broken down based on last actions within 7, 30, and 90 days. Messages and creatives contained more benefits (social proof, number of reviews, etc.), as well as user-generated content. At this stage, we offered a small discount to enhance the sales.

Bottom Of The Funnel: The KPI at this level is conversion. Here we use retargeting campaign aimed at those people who added an item to the cart or initiated a checkout but did not buy the product. Audiences were also broken down based on last actions within 7, 30, and 90 days depending on the size of the audience. The main message was a hot offer with a good discount to stimulate sales for those who bounced at the very last stages. Dynamic remarketing with catalog sales was also launched here.

Cross-sale: Often a store has products that complement each other and can be offered to customers who have already made a purchase. They are already loyal to a brand and are ready to make another purchase with less friction increasing customer LTV and the client revenue.
We excluded people who've made a purchase within the last 30 days for better budget allocation and customer experience. And additionally, we've excluded smaller audiences from larger ones to reduce auction overlap.
And the results?

After 30 days, the conversion volume grew from 0 to 100+ per day, while meeting ROAS targets.
The results of scaling Facebook Ads account
Our results after the implementation of the new strategy

What our client said

"They scaled the account from 0 to 103 conversions in a month and delivered more than expected. I recommend the 100%. A professional media buyers and digital strategists."
— Vlad Chejkov | Founder at LeanMarketing
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