We help insurance agencies get more qualified leads and sales through digital channels.
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The world is moving.
And we help our clients glide
Don't be a lone rider — start working with us today!
It's totally free
Using our digital expertise
Bringing to you our experience with handing millions of dollars of ad spends across conventional and unconventional lead generation sources.
Creatives & Messaging
Imagery and messaging often holds 10x opportunities. We have experts dedicated to upgrade your creative design performance.
New Channels
Explore new traffic acquisition streams like Telegram and chat-bots, Native and other networks. We'll help you leverage new opportunities.
Analysis & Impactful Reports
Reliable data is mission critical for success and we know how to generate science-driven insights from it. We'll help you make sense of your data.
Social Ads
When it comes to driving real business results, we speak the same language. We'll make sure your ads are driving value.
Insurance specific DSPs
The industry is changing rapidly
following the shifts in consumer behavior.
Search Ads
Capitalizing on search and Display can be a moneymaking machine for your business. We'll make sure you're not leaving money on the table.
to help you scale up
Don't be a lone rider — start working with us today!
It's totally free
Did you know?
According to iii and LIMRA, insurance shoppers are avoiding in person sales while relaying more and more on Online purchases from 2020. This trend is not going anywhere anytime soon so there is only one question marketers and agency owners should ask — are we prepared?
No more traditional sales techniques.
We are already helping insurance agencies get sales online in the new digital world and grow their businesses when competitors fold their hands.
From 17%
to 29%
Online life insurance sales grew from 2011 to 2020.
Digital is the way!
What digital channels do people
choose to buy insurance?
Our work
We discuss your current situation, priorities, and goals.
Situational analysis
We implement analytics tools and advanced conversion tracking.
Historic data and fresh ideas are being validated to find winning conversion chains.
Leveraging conversion chains for growth.
Levelling up your business for maximum value.
Who will benefit the most
From marketing manager to insurance entrepreneurs, we'll help you answer key business questions and scale winning combinations across your brand's digital presence.
from working with us
John Perkins
"I want to make sure the lead quality and the CPA meet our expectations".
Lillian Walsh
"I'm creating a new insurance product and want to change the rules of the game".
Erick Stone
"I want lead generation without the ad budget".
Nathan Wilkerson
"When working with vendors, it's only my way or the high way".
Peter Willis
"I'm looking for the "money" button".
Hillary Cook
"I need a reliable marketing partner who understands our product as deeply as we do".
Don't be a lone rider — start working with us today!
It's totally free
NN partners
"When it comes to selling insurance online, we speak the same language. After working with the biggest insurance lead aggregators, insurance start-ups, brokerages, and independent agents across the world, you wouldn't have to explain the basics and we can all focus on one thing — growth".

I am your client!
NN partners
And we know how to assist you with that!

The right campaign type, right platform, and proper process - all of these comes with experience and with us you can be sure you are making the right decision.

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NN partners
That's awesome!

If you want to innovate, having a proper go-to-market and marketing strategy is paramount and we'll bring years of experience to the table to help you efficiently change the industry (in a good way).

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NN partners
When it comes to digital, you have to pay to play.

But the best part of it is that you can control your ROI and have a fixed CPA that we can help you acquire.

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NN partners
Two heads are better than one, people are saying.

And with a professional team of 3 or 5, the sky is the limit. We believe in cooperation, partnership, and long-term relationships which should be a win-win for all.

I am your client!
NN partners
So are we! But if there was one, we probably would have rested somewhere on beach by now.

Getting the desired results takes effort and we know exactly what need to be done to help you grow your insurance business. If you are ready to make the effort with us, we'll be happy to be your guide.

I am your client!
We are the marketing team who
The total CTR increased by 55%.
Find a way to increase CTR and take a large share of traffic from competitors.
The challenge
How we increased the CTR for an insurance agency by 55% and stood out from the competitors
After 30 days, the conversion volume grew by 86.79% up to 198, while lead CPA decreased by 38.37% up to $24.99 per lead.
Get more Medicare insurance leads at a better Cost Per Acquisition using Google Ads.
The challenge
How We Increased the Volume of Medicare Leads by 87% while lowering the CPA by 38% on Google Ads
Marketers and insurance agency owners rely heavily on digital channels to attract, convert, close, and delight their customers. But with the increased competition, constantly increasing CPCs, CPMs, and a decreasing attention span, is there a better way to go about it in 2021?
How to be relevant with your marketing communications if you sell insurance online
From Auto to Pet insurance, potential customers are likely going to use Google, Bing, and Facebook while searching for a plan. These sources are tried and tested, and if you run an agency, you've probably worked with at least one of them.
Alternative lead generation networks for insurance industry
has seen it all and done it all
Founding team
Having worked for over 3 years in lead generation with Insurance products and leading the life insurance vertical, I have accumulated a wealth of experience. We have assembled the strongest team and now we help owners and insurance agencies attract high-quality leads from paid traffic channels at the right price.
Nikita Vdovenko
Our key difference from any other agency is that in addition to expertise in advertising tools, we deeply understand life and health insurance products. We know who the target audience is and what pushes them to buy, we lnow how they choose and makes a decision. Few of the agencies have accumulated such a deep understanding of insurance products, so you wouldn't need to tell us the difference between "medicare" from "medicaid".
Nikita Soima
may be here...
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Alex Wender
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